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This page lists all of our current live photosets, including full information on the mumber of shots in each set. Note these aren't hand picked "best of" shots, just the 3rd, 9th, 15th, 60th, 90th and 150th shots from each set, to give you a true idea of what you'll find in our members' area.

The first two shots are clickable to give the full-size high-res image, generally these will be clean "before" shots in most sets, the others are also clickable to our standard 800 x 600 free sample size - the images in the Members Lounge are all the same size as the first two images here.

  • gm-2m22: "Friday and Daphne get wet and muddy in the evening sunlight" Added 2020-04-02, 297 photos, 2.1G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2m22-v1 (16 minutes, 16 seconds)

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    An evening by the pier

    Friday and Daphne get wet and muddy in the evening sunlight

    Friday, dressed in skin tight grey yoga pants, running top, and trainers, and Daphne, in short denim dungarees over a blue catsuit, and leather boots, play together on the banks of the Severn by the old ruined pier, in the evening sunlight at high tide.

    Initially they just splash each other with river water, but before long they are kneeling in the shallows and spreading the mud they're kneeling on all over each other until they're both well covered. By the end of the scene they are both soaking wet and covered in mud, including giving each other mud shampoos in the river.

    As this was shot well into the evening with the sun significantly westering, there was a very cold wind blowing resulting in lots of great reactions as they gradually soak each other with cold water and colder mud! Still very much a fun scene though, last splash of what had been a great day of mudplay.

  • gm-3w001: "Maid Teena takes a bubblebath in uniform" Added 2020-03-19, 34 photos, 49M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3w001-v1 (14 minutes, 11 seconds)

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    The Bathing Maid

    Maid Teena takes a bubblebath in uniform

    What better way to relax after a fun day being a maid to the people playing in the mess, than a nice relaxing bubble bath? Keeping your uniform on just adds to the niceness.

    Teena first steps into the empty bath in her clean and dry uniform dress, she pours bubble bath all over the dress, then turns the shower on and gets completely soaked, she fully shampoos her hair and rinses, the foaming lather running down the back of the dress as she does so, and she finished lying in the now full bath, with lots of foam, just relaxing in the water with her dress washing around her.

  • gm-2m29: "Nurse Violet and Sister Felicity get muddy together" Added 2020-03-05, 509 photos, 3.5G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2m29-v1 (26 minutes, 50 seconds)

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    Mud Medicine!

    Nurse Violet and Sister Felicity get muddy together

    Nurse Violet, in smart dark blue nurses uniform dress, dark tights, and black shoes, and Sister Felicity in pink hospital scrubs and white trainers, walk into the mudbanks and totally cover each other in mud!

  • gm-2w95: "Evelyne geta all fizzy in her combats" Added 2020-02-24, 329 photos, 1.1G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2w95-v1 (09 minutes, 29 seconds)

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    Uniform Bathtime

    Evelyne geta all fizzy in her combats

    It's uniform bath time for Evelyne the cook. Dressed in navy blue combat trousers, adventure boots, and a pale blue shirt, she first pours two litres of cola down her own trousers, then hoses down her boots, and then steps into the already full tub and has a long relaxing bath in the warm water, fully clothed.

  • gm-2m47: "Our chambermaid wears her running gear into the slop" Added 2020-02-04, 428 photos, 1.3G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2m47-v1 (25 minutes, 17 seconds)

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    Mud Maude Sportswear

    Our chambermaid wears her running gear into the slop

    Dressed in tight black running pants, sports bra top, and thin running jacket, Maude takes to the mudbanks and gets very, very muddy!

    She sits in the mud, crawls up the banks and slides back down on her bottom, and gradually and with lots of fun, gets muddier and muddier. Eventually her running trousers get totally drenched in liquid mud as she rolls around in the gullybottom slop, and her jacket and bra top meet the same muddy fate soon after. But it's a beautifully warm and sunny summer's day, so she just carries on playing in the mud, sliding, rolling, crawling, and frequently pulling her mud-drenched trousers up tight as the weight of the mud tries to pull them off her.

    Needless to say her gorgeous hair and pretty face both get the full mud treatment too.

    Lots of mud, lots of fun, and Maude having a brilliant time slopping about totally covered from head to toe in mud!

  • gm-2h002: "Sportswear vs overalls as they hose each other down" Added 2020-01-30, 15 photos, 6.7M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2h002-v1 (23 minutes, 55 seconds)

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    Bonus Hairwash: Rosemary and Maude

    Sportswear vs overalls as they hose each other down

    Bonus extra scene for 5th week in January 2020

    Rosemary, in a black boilersuit, and Maude, in tight black running trousers and jacket, hose each other down and wash each other's hair in the dungeon. They are wearing the somewhat damp clothes they travelled back from a mud scene in, beneath which they are wearing the same underclothes they wore in the mud. They thoroughly hose each other down, and then wash each other's hair, all while still in their now soaking wet clothes.

  • gm-2w112: "Young Daisy is going to get very, very wet!" Added 2020-01-23, 34 photos, 11M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2w112-v1 (21 minutes, 39 seconds)

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    Daisy's Dungarees Shower and Bath

    Young Daisy is going to get very, very wet!

    Daisy, dressed in pale blue denim dungarees and a matching short denim jacket, plus wellies and a swimsuit underneath, takes a shower and bath, including completely lathering her clothes up with bubble bath before she turns the water on, and a full shampoo hairwash too.

    First she covers her outfit in bubble bath and then lathers it up with her hands. Then she turns the shower on and gets totally soaked and then keeps playing in the foam-filled bath and shower in her wet clothes. At one point she takes her wellies, both full of water, off, and pours the contents over her wet clothes.

    Eventually she strips down to just her swimsuit to finish off, with the shower still playing over her.

    Technical: There is full original sound on this video. Note, somehow the still photos that should have acompanied this video have been lost, so instead it's acompanied by a small set of video screen grabs taken during the editing process.

  • gm-3m014: "Lucia and Honeysuckle get very muddy in rainwear" Added 2020-01-04, 139 photos, 430M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3m014-v1 (26 minutes, 30 seconds)

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    Green waterproofs in the mud

    Lucia and Honeysuckle get very muddy in rainwear

    Waterproofs are meant to protect you from mud and water? Well, that may be the theory but somehow it doesn't seem to work out that way for the Langstonedale girls out here on the mudbanks!

    Lucia and Honeysuckle throw themselves and each other into the sloppy mud, both wearing matching dark green waterproof trousers and jacket sets, and with the jackets tucked into the trousers so we can better appreciate the view as they sit and slide and write and roll in the very sloppy riverbank mud.

    At the end of the scene, still fully dressed, they go right into the river together in an attempt to get the worst of the mud off - and then they have to crawl back up the gully, getting muddy again in the process.

  • gm-2w172: "Boilersuit river bathtime for Maude, Felicity, and Rosemary!" Added 2019-12-20, 218 photos, 776M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2w172-v1 (17 minutes, 07 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Three Girls In The River

    Boilersuit river bathtime for Maude, Felicity, and Rosemary!

    Three girls in overalls take a full submersion bath and swim in the river by the viaduct. Watch as they wade in, splash about, bob under and then leap up out of the water, soaking wet, and even go for a fully clothed swim!

    The outfits: Maude wears a blue boilersuit and purple sparkly wellies, Felicity wears a bright red boilersuit and transparent ankle boots, and Rosemary wears an olive drab military flightsuit, and butch black wellies. All three suits are close-fitting and show the girls' figures nicely, both dry, and wet.

    The Action: First, one by one the girls wade waist deep into the river while the other two stay on the bank, each girl walks down towards the camera, wetting herself to the waist, before turning and wading back out, letting us watch as her wet bottom and legs emerge from the water. Once all three have soaked their lower halves they wade back into the water together, with Maude in the lead, and then the other two abruptily push Maude over forwards towards the camera, and she faceplants straight into the water!

    Maude emrges soaking wet, and gets her own back on the other two with lots of splashing which soon sees the top halves of their outfits soaked too. After that there is lots of splashing about, some fully clothed swimming, several more instances of wading in and out of the water to show off wet clothes and enjoy the sight of the water level rising up their clothes again, sitting and splashing in the shallows, and towards the end Maude does another voluntary full-body faceplant into the water again.

    As a bonus, in the photoset there are also some shots of Rosemary posing by the fence in the blue swimsuit she wears under her flightsuit for the main scene.

    Technical: The scene is filmed from the middle of the river, the camera operator was chest deep in the water so all the scenes are close up and personal, no shaky zooming in from the bank in our scenes. There is full original sound throughout.

  • gm-3m001: "Susie and Honeysuckle have fun in the mudbanks" Added 2019-12-03, 192 photos, 629M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3m001-v1 (22 minutes, 11 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Running gear vs Nike catsuit

    Susie and Honeysuckle have fun in the mudbanks

    Susie and Honeysuckle have gone out for a run along the edge of the mudbanks on a brillaintly sunny summer's day. Susie is dressed in skin tight black running pants, black trainers, and a black running top with a geometric pattern, while Honeysuckle wears a Nike sports catsuit, sleeveless, with a lightweight running jacket over it, and pink and white Converse basketball boots.

    Needless to say having run along the edge of the mudbanks they soon give in to the temptation to actually play in them. First Honeysuckle walks out onto the top of a rather sloppy mudbank, and neatly sits down, standing up again to show off the muddy bottom of her catsuit before sitting again. Then Susie walks in, sits down facing backwards next to Honeysuckle, and slides down into the very sloppy gully on her bottom!

    Over the following 20 minutes the girls have a brilliant time, rolling and sliding in the mud and grdually getting muddier and muddier until they are both completely drenched in mud from head to toe.

    Mud wallowing in nice sportswear. It's what beautiful summer afternoons were made for!

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