Welcome to Langstonedale, land of mud and water!

Veterinary Nurse Uniform Mud Test - set gm-1m03

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Veterinary Nurse Uniform Mud Test

Lady Elizabeth wears a brand new uniform into the mudbanks!

  • Bottle green nurses uniform tunic by Alexandra
  • Bottle green nurses uniform trousers by Alexandra
  • Black practical shoes

From Lady Elizabeth's Lost Archive

Flame haired Lady Elizabeth dons a brand new, pristine, green veterinary nurse uniform of tunic and trousers, and gleefully wears it straight into the river mudbanks! First she poses on the grass, showing off her outfit from all angles. Then she steps onto the mudbanks and from that moment on, her uniform is doomed!

Elizabeth takes her time to mess herself up, managing to keep her tunic clean for quite a while as her trousers gradually succumb to the sloppy clay at the bottom of a gully as she walks, crawls, and slides about on her knees, before eventually planting her bottom "splat" into a lovely puddle of mud.

Of course that splat finally drops the back of her tunic into the mud, and so after scrambling out of the gully one more time and then sliding back down the mudbank on her bottom, she settles herself squelchily into the sloppy stuff and sets about her upper half, splattering big handfuls of mud over her tunic, throwing herself into the mud, lying down, rolling about, and eventually shampooing lots of mud into her gleaming long red hair.

This is followed by a full mud facial, which leaves Elizabeth totally and completely covered from head to toe in mud!