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Muddy Girls In Overalls - set gm-2m16

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Muddy Girls In Overalls

Friday and Chastity throw each other into the mud!

How to create lots of muddy fun, take two lovely young women dressed in overalls and boots, take them to the mudbanks, and have them push each other in!

Chastity, wearing denim dungarees over a swimsuit, with a denim jacket and army boots, and Friday, wearing a dark blue boilersuit over a swimsuit, with matching army boots, wade into the mudbanks and stand on one of the raised sections, taking turns to push each other backwards to fall over and land on their bottoms into the sloppy mud behind them. Friday gets pushed in first and gets the back of her suit nicely muddy before clambering out and gleefully taking her revenge on Chastity, who's lovely clean denim overalls are soon also squelching down into the sloppy gully mud as Friday pushes her in.

Both girls genuinely enjoy getting muddy so when it's their turn to be pushed in they willingly throw themselves backwards and squish themselves down into the sloppiest areas, deliberately wiggling and sliding themselves in so as to really muck up their clothes and get muddier each time they go in.

Once they've pushed each other in a few times and got properly muddy, they go in together and slide about, roll over, and play together in the really sloppy mud near the edge of the water. By the end of the session both girls are drenched in mud from head to toe, including full face and hair coverage.