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Getting Muddy Cleaning - set gm-2m17

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Very Muddy Cleaning

Friday gets covered in mud while sorting washing

Friday, in tight-fitting black boilersuit and black wellies, is supposed be to sorting out the muddy clothes from a previous mud scene, for washing. But of couse faced with all that mud-coated material, she can't resist getting totally covered in the process!

She deliberatelly slops muddy items onto her clean suit, piles muddy clothes up on the stool, adds water, and sits on them, and gradually coveres her entire outfit in sloppy mud.

Barefoot fans will particularly like what happens when she has muddy boots to clean, as she takes her own boots off revealing completely clean bare feet, which she then uses to help clean the muddy boots, getting her feet utterly filthy in the process. Later she puts her mucky feet back inside her clean boots, having poured muddy water into one of them first.

Towards the end of the scene, she pours an entire bucket of verr muddy water over her head and through her beautiful thick hair, from where it drenches her by now completrely mud-coated suit. She also smears streaks of mud on her face.