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An evening by the pier - set gm-2m22

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An evening by the pier

Friday and Daphne get wet and muddy in the evening sunlight

Friday, dressed in skin tight grey yoga pants, running top, and trainers, and Daphne, in short denim dungarees over a blue catsuit, and leather boots, play together on the banks of the Severn by the old ruined pier, in the evening sunlight at high tide.

Initially they just splash each other with river water, but before long they are kneeling in the shallows and spreading the mud they're kneeling on all over each other until they're both well covered. By the end of the scene they are both soaking wet and covered in mud, including giving each other mud shampoos in the river.

As this was shot well into the evening with the sun significantly westering, there was a very cold wind blowing resulting in lots of great reactions as they gradually soak each other with cold water and colder mud! Still very much a fun scene though, last splash of what had been a great day of mudplay.