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Strong Women In Mud - set gm-2m28

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Strong Women In Mud

Violet and Felicity, in combats and boots, take to the mudbanks!

Felicity, in urban cammo combats and boots, and Violet, in black combats and Doc Marten boots, take to the mud together. They take turns pushing each other in backwards, after a couple of goes Felicity stands and allows Violet, who is sitting in the mud, to totally pelt the clean front of her combat trousers in mud. Then when Felicity's trousers are totally covered she also sits in the mud while Violet sits in a different area, and allows Felicity to totally pelt Violet's mostly clean front in mud till she too is covered. Then the two of them have a merry messy time further covering each other completely in thick luxurious riverbank clay.

Both girls end up utterly drenched in mud and loving every moment they spend in it. Violet keeps her glasses on, and they get covered in mud too!