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Denim Overalls Mud Bath - set gm-2m31

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Denim Overalls Mud Bath

Rosemary wears dungarees, a white t-shirt, and denim jeaket in the mud

Rosemary takes a spectacular mudbath while wearing blue denim dungarees over a white t-shirt, white socks, black plimsolls, and a denim jacket.

She steps into the mud, walks about a little, finds a nice sloppy area, and allows herself to fall back, ending up sitting in it. She then stands up, takes her still clean denim jacket off, tosses it to a clean area at the side, and the sits down in the mud again. She sits, slides, rolls over onto her front, rolling towards the camera so we can see the clean front of her overalls rolling down into the liquid mud, and generally gets herself completely covered from head to foot in mud while having a great time doing it. Her overalls and t-shirt are soon covered and soaked in mud, and she gives herself a very thorough mud shampoo util her shining red hair entirely vanishes under its coating of muck.

Eventually she puts her clean denim jacket back on over her totally mud-drenched clothes, and then throw herself back into the mud until the jacket is just as mud-coated as everything else she's wearing.

Eventually she poses in the sunlight on the mudbanks, completely covered from head to toe.