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Maria gets very stuck! - set gm-2m40

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Maria gets very stuck!

Dressed in Flexothane, MyPieRogative gets totally stuck

Something a little bit different released to celebrate meeting up with Maria in Las Vegas at the UMD XX celebrations, this is a scene we shot in the summer of 2017, just after an utterly torrential downpour had turned our mudbanks even sloppier than usual, and created a genuine quagmire along the deep sloppy bit nearest to the riverbank.

Dressed for protection in a royal blue Flex-O-Thane jumpsuit, and Union Jack wellies, Maria looks ready for anything - but can she escape our mud?

She starts standing on the grass bank, all clean and dry, and then jumps straight into the mud - and instantly sinks to her knees! She soon sinks further and is well and truly stuck. The more she tries to free herself the muddier she gets until her suit is covered pretty much to the neck. She keeps struggling, and geting ever muddier. Eventually she frees herself at the cost of losing a welly, which she then has to find and dig out of the mud - it wouldn't do to be leaving litter after all. Having rescued the boot she puts it back on, and then plays and wallows in the mud getting all the remaining clean bits of her outfit well and truly coated, and towards the end she covers her face in mud too.

Technical: Maria genuinely did get properly stuck and the struggle to free herself you see was entirely real. We had a safety crew on-hand and agreed signals so she could request our help to get her out of necessary, so at no point was she in genuine danger, but all of her struggle to escape the mud is real.