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The Uniform Mud Treatment - set gm-2m42

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The Uniform Mud Treatment

Nurse Honeysuckle gets to work on uniformed Rosemary

Honeysuckle, looking very smart in her dark blue nurses uniform, persuades Rosemary, in dark blue uniform skirt and green check shirt, to try her new skin treatment, which is applied through clothing. Honeysuckle sets about completely covering and drenching Rosemary's skirt in lovely liquid mud. After a few minutes, Rosemary realises that in fact this isn't a treatment, but just an excuse for Honeysuckle to cover her in mud. Honeysuckle freely admits as much, and agrees to submit to the mud herself.

Before long, both girls are having a great time, totally covered from head to toe in mud!

Outfits: Honeysuckle wears a navy blue nurses uniform dress with a pale blue nurses belt, black tights, and black lace-up plimsoles, while Rosemary wears a blue knee-length uniform skirt, green and white check shirt, bare legs, and blue wellies.