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The Trays Of Pouring Mud - set gm-2m43

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The Trays Of Pouring Mud

Rosemary and Honeysuckle make each other sit in slop

Rosemary, in jeans and a dark top, and Honeysuckle, in shiny black trousers and an olive green shirt, play "The Trays Of Pouring", in the dungeon with liquid mud. They sit in deep trays, and play scissors-paper-stone, and the winner of each round gets to pour some liquid mud into the tray of the looser each time.

Soon their lovely outfits are being wrecked from below as the sloppy liquid mud steadily rises in their trays, with the added bonus that every time the winner changes, the new winning girl has to stand up and turn round, so we can see the mucky damage on the seat of her outfit, before sitting back down in her own tray to get even sloppier.

Once they are both well messed from below, they start pouring the mud all over each other, eventually coating their hair and getting totally drenched in liquid mud from head to toe.