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Office Dress Mud! - set gm-2m45

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Office Dress Mud!

Friday and Felicity in dresses and muck

Friday and Felicty have some smart new office uniforms to try out. Don't they both look smart? Needless to say around here, theyll soon fix that!

Felicity wears a satin finish black and white mini dress with short sleeves and a scoop neckline, which she teams with black tights, and bright pink high-heel shoes just to add a dash of colour.

Friday wears a very smart grey and black office dress with waist belt, and silver strappy high-heeled shoes.

Needles to say those bright pink shoes of Felicity's have to be dealt with, so Friday takes them off her, fills each one with liquid mud, and makes her put them back on, plunging her clean pantyhose-clad feet into them. Felicity's dress gets filled, and then covered, and her tights get the full treatment too.

Once Felicity is well covered in mud, they swap places, Friday sitting down on the muddy seat, then standing up to show off the damage on the seat of her dress, and then sitting again to have herself drenched in liquid mud by Felicity.

By the end of the scene both girls are totally covered in mud, including full mud shampoos each.