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Formal Dress & Heels in Mud - set gm-2m46

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Formal Dress & Heels in Mud

Rosemary dunks her high heels and burgundy gown in liquid clay!

Some indoor mud fun as Autumn brings cold rains sweeping across the Chase outside. Rosemary dresses in a beautiful burgundy formal gown, with pale pink high heeled sandals on bare feet, and then slowly and carefully drowns her lovely outfit in gallons of liquid mud!

Her shoes get the treatment first, one at a time she lowers them into the tub of mud where they meet their fate as they submerge below the surface of the liquid clay. Then she stands fully in the tub and lets go of her dress, allowing the hemline to sink into the mud and join her shoes in muddy ruin. Then she steps out of the tub and slowly and carefully drenches her entire gown in liquid mud. She sits down in the tub she just got out of in order to completely drench the back of the dress' skirt in mud, then sits down and gently pours jug after jug of mud all over the front of her gown until not a single clean stitch remains.

Once her dress is utterly covered and soaked in mud, she pours more over her hair and spreads it on her face too.

Finally, when she's completely satisfied that she is totally covered in mud, she breaks out the warm water hose and carefully washes her outfit clean again, giving us a brief flash of the wet black panties she's wearing under the dress as she does so.