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Mud Dress Maude - set gm-2m50

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Mud Dress Maude

Maude wears a pinafore dress into the mudbanks

Scene One of a three-part set, here we see young Maude, dressed in her black knee length cotton pinafore uniform dress, belted at the waist, and black plimsolls, playing on the mudbanks on an absolutely blazing hot midsummer day. The tide is high but the mud above the waterline is quite dry, so Maude sets about splashing water up onto it to create slides and soggy patches that she can play in. Because of the dry mud at first her dress only gets slightly marked when she sits in it, but her efforts soon bear fruit and before long she has sloppy mud to slide and sit in, and her dress gets steadily muddier as she happliy slides about in the mud in it. She also goes in the water quite a lot, and every time it washes the mud off she makes a point of getting muddy agaain.

Once her dress is totally drenched in mud she sees to her hair too, giving herself a proper mud shampoo.

In Part Two, to be relased separately, Maria in a denim dungaree dress and pantyhose joins Maude in the mud, and then in Part Three, Felicity, in red tartan "Wednesday Adams" style dress, joins the mud party.

Release schedule at langstonedale.com for these scenes:

  • Part 1: Photos and video, Thursday 8th March 2018
  • Part 2: Photos and video, Wednesday 14th March 2018
  • Part 3: Photos, Wednesday 4th April, video, Wednesday 11th April.