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Mud Dress Maria - set gm-2m51

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Mud Dress Maria

Maria in denim joins Maude in the Mud Party

Scene Two of a three-part set, with Maude already in the mud now Maria, wearing a blue denim dungaree-style dress over a black swimsuit, with blue pantyhose and black lace-up pumps, appears on the mudbanks.

"I'll just paddle a bit and get my feet wet" she says. Yeah, right! of course no sooner had she said that than she loses her footing on Maude's mud-slide, and comes carrering down the slide on her bottom, plunging right into the muddy river. Needless to say her dress soon follows Maude's pinafore into wet and muddy ruin, and the two of them have a fantastic time making even better mud slides and slopping about and rolling around in the wet mud till they are both completely covered.