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Mud Dress Felicity - set gm-2m52

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Mud Dress Felicity

Felicity in red plaid mini-dress joins Maude and Maria in the Mud Party

Scene Three of a three-part set, with Maude and Maria already in the mud now Felicity, dressed in a lovely red plaid mini-dress with a lovely white 'Wednesday Addams' style collar, joins the party.

Just like Maria did, Felicity soon finds herself sliding down the mudslide the others have made, and before long all three girls are covered in mud and taking turns to slide, roll, and splash down the mudbanks and into the very sloppy mud at the bottom of the gully, which becomes more exposed as the tide goes out.

Once all three are totally covered they lark and splash about for quite a while, including a racus game of "Three In A Bed" which sees them all rolling down the slope to end with a splash in the sloppy mud at the bottom.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.

Mini-trailer - note members videos are full size.