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Mudslide Engineers - set gm-2m56

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Videos included in this download:

  • gm-2m56-v1a (15 minutes, 00 seconds)
  • gm-2m56-v1b (15 minutes, 00 seconds)
  • gm-2m56-v1c (16 minutes, 00 seconds)
  • gm-2m56-v2 (21 minutes, 07 seconds)

Mudslide Engineers

Maria, dressed in a skin tight strap top blue spandex catsuit, and Rosemary, in a black fashion jumpsuit, work together to create a proper mudslide in the mudbanks. Using buckets, they pour lots of river water down a slope to make a slippery gully, then they start sliding down it themselves, gradually getting muddier and muddier each time they slide down, before crawling back up from the liquid mud at the bottom of the gully. Before long they are both totally covered in mud and loving every minutes of it