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Sunglasses School Uniform Mud! - set gm-2m58

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Sunglasses School Uniform Mud!

Honeysuckle wears shades and a school uniform into the mudbanks

Honeysuckle is pleased to discover she can still fit into a current issue school uniform, so on a blazing hot midsummer's day decides to wear one into the mudbanks and get totally covered! As the sun is so intense she also wears a pair of wraparound shades to keep the sun out of her eyes.

Her outfit consists of a short blue school uniform skirt, pale blue school uniform shirt, navy blue tights, black plimsolls, and plain black tie, plus her wrap-around shades. Though she fits the uniform perfectly, Honeysuckle was over 20 when this scene was shot.

She walks into the mud, sits herself down, coating the back of her skirt, kneels, lies forward to cover the front of her skirt, then gradually covers the shirt too. She slides and frolics in the mud, getting messier and messier, and eventually gives herself a mud shampoo and covers her face too.

Technical: The videos have full original sound, and you also get a high resolution photoset.