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Leather Shorts Mud Maiden - set gm-2m59

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Leather Shorts Mud Maiden

Honeysuckle wears black leather shorts and a mesh crop top in the mudbanks

Honeysuckle lets her inner Goth out to play in the mudbanks, dressed very aluringly in black leather shorts, black mesh crop top over a black bra, transparent ankle boots, and sunglasses, and happily throws herself into the really sloppy riverbank clay on one of the warmest and sunniest days of the year!

Her boots go in first, then she sees to her shorts, first sitting in the mud and then lowering her front into it, making sure her shorts are totally drenched - she absolutely loved how the soft leather felt as it got coated, inside and out, in soft, slippery mud - and then her top, and finally her hair and face, including her sunglasses, get totally covered in mud.

Note for leather fans: Honeysuckle's shorts for this scene are genuine 100% real leather. They were wonderfully soft and fitted her beautifully. After the scene we washed them out very thoroughly in cold water, and while they are a bit stiffer than they used to be they are still wearable, so you may get to see them in a future scene too.