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Skirt Uniform Mud Fun - set gm-2m67

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Skirt Uniform Mud Fun

Maude and Honeysuckle cover each other in mud

Maude, in plain blue uniform skirt and shirt, and Honeysuckle in black shiny pencil skirt and olive green blouse, both in boots, head out to the mudbanks and have a brilliant afternoon pushing each other into the mud and then getting totally covered. To start, Honeysuckle allows Maude to push her in backwards, and then Maude allows Honeysuckle to push her into a bellyflop into the sloppiest area they could find.

They then spend a vary happy time slopping and sliding about, making sure their outfits, and then their hair, are totally coated in mud, and Maude does her trademark faceplants and raspberry blowing into the mud too.

Both girls end up totally covered from head to toe.

We love the mud!