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Catsuit Mud Cats - set gm-2m68

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Catsuit Mud Cats

Maude and Honeysuckle in the mud in catsuits

Honeysuckle, in a beautiful slinky black spandex catsuit, knee-high leather boots, and cat ears, and Maude, in a shortie black PVC catsuit and boots, take to the mudbanks on a glorious summer day. Maude gets the treatment first, she does a cartwheel into the mud and then gets lots more plastered over and inside her catsuit by Honeysuckle, who remains mostly clean for the time being. But then it's Honeysuckle's turn to feel the mud and she's soon coated too!

They push each other over, slide up and down the banks, and generally get totally covered in mud, with Maude doing her trademark face-plants while both give each other very thorough mud shampoos.

Two beautiful girls, two very sexy outfits, and loads of wonderfully sloppy riverbank mud, what's not to like?