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Milky Disco Shorts - set gm-2q024

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Milky Disco Shorts

Chastity in spandex drenched in milk!

Chastity wears a charcoal dance leotard, blue shiny leggings, with a pair of black disco shorts over them, and black shiny wellies. First, she has milk poured into her leotard, from where it floods out over and through her shorts and down her leggings. Then she has her shorts filled, font and back.

Now she's soggy from the waist down, she has more milk poured over her shoulders from behind, drenching her entire outfit completely.

Finally she has multiple buckets of water thrown over herself, both standing up and sitting down. While sitting she also takes her wellies off and pours the contents into her lap.

The milk pouring is done by Evelyne the Cook, who's dressed in a leather skirt, black leather boots, and a black shirt, and stays dry throughout the scene. The buckets of water are thrown by Evelyne and from behind the right hand wall by the Dungeonmaster.

This is a bonus extra scene for both Saturation Hall and Langstonedale for the 5th week in November 2017.