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Wet-testing Dungaree Shorts - set gm-2w107

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  • gm-2w107-v1 (13 minutes, 26 seconds)

Wet-testing Dungaree Shorts

Purity gets soaked in denim shortalls over a catsuit

Purity is wearing a skin tight blue catsuit, with a pair of short denim overalls (shortalls) over it, and clear wellies on her feet. She fills the wellies, sits in a tray of water, and then drenches herself completely pouring jugs and later buckets of water all over and inside her overalls. She ends up completely drenched from head to toe, with both wellies well filled.

There are only 20-odd photos, all of Purity while still dry, but there is 13 minutes of all-action wetlook video as she drenches herself completey from dry. The video has full original sound throughout.