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Barmaid Bath - set gm-2w121

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Barmaid Bath

Purity bathes in the tub in denim shorts

Purity has just finished a Summer day shift pulling pints in the Fox & Hounds, dressed in her regular working rig of cut-off denim shorts work over dark blue tights, purple t-shirt, and transparent ankle boots, and what she really needs after a day on her feet is a nice relaxing bath. Conveniently enough, there just happens to be a nice full bath of warm water in the dungeon, so without further ado, in she slips.

She lowers herself in quite slowly, gradually dipping her shorts in a little bit more, enjoying the sensations as the water soaks through the denum and her outfit gradually sucumbs to total drenching.

She ends up completely soaked and pouring water over herself.