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Washing the Buckets! - set gm-2w126

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Washing the Buckets!

Honeysuckle and Purity wash gunge buckets and each other

Someone's been playing with gunge in the dungeon, and left all the mixing buckets unwashed afterwards! Oh well, nothing for it but Purity and Honeysuckle will need to wash them all. Of course, they may well end up washing each other in the process...

Purity is in uniform, a knee-length navy blue a-line skirt, pale blue blouse, and blue wellies. Honeysuckle is in a stunning blue Chinese-style dress, with a broad belt round her waist, and looks all set for a night at a high class casino. But the only gambling she's going to be doing is whether her lovely dress gets wet or not.

First, Purity sits on a stool with the brush while Honeysuckle stands and operates the hose. They manage to wash out the first bucket while staying mostly dry, but then Honeysuckle accidentally on purpose manages to fill Purity's wellies, and splashes water on the front of her skirt, and after that they take every opportunity to wet each other while they work. They swap places regularly, Honeysuckle taking one of the times Purity stands up as a good opportunity to hose down the entire back of her uniform skirt, while her own dress is also soon reduced to wet ruin.

They end the scene pouring full buckets of water over each other's heads, and then pose, utterly drenched from head to toe, for the camera.