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Dress Wetting Fun!

Honeysuckle and Purity play higher or lower and soak each other

Purity and Honeysuckle play cards and pour water down each other's dresses and fill each other's boots with water.

Both girls wear grey dresses that will nicely show off the spreading wet stains as they start to suffer their wettings, but in two distinct styles. Honeysuckle wears a smart party dress with a multi-layer skirt, which Purity takes some delight in lifting the upper layers of so she can pour water directly on the lower ones at first. With her dress Honeysuckle wears black tights and her rubber-and-suede fluffy-topped boots, lace fingerless gloves, and lets her beautiful long black hair flow free.

Purity wears a sleeveless knee length grey denim dress, with a black belt, tights, and see-through clear plastic wellies, so we can see her pantyhose-clad feet through them. All nice and dry at first of course. She has her long hair in two long braids.

Behind them they have a table full of pint cups of water, along with some brightly coloured tubs that contain several pints each, and several full buckets. They face each other over a deck of cards, and start playing Higher or Lower, each having to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one just dealt. Win, and they get to wet their opponent. Lose, and it's water down the dress time for them!

The pints get used first, then when someone gets the Ace of Spades she gets to yell "Motorhead!" and pour one of the tubs over her opponent. Once all the cups and tubs are used, it's time for full buckets over each other!

Both girls end up utterly drenched from head to toe, and along the way they fill each other's boots, pour water inside and outside each other's dresses, drenching their pantyhose in the process, Purity had her dress's pockets filled, and their backs get drenched as well as their fronts.