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Water Art 2016 - set gm-2w129

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Water Art 2016

Purity and Honeysuckle make water art together

Purity and Honeysuckle meet in the dungeon to make wet artworks out of themselves and each other.

Honeysuckle wears her own slashed punk dress with safety pins, purple tights, transparent fake DM boots, and purple fishnet half-sleeves.

Purity wears short blue denim dungarees with a white t-shirt and see-through wellington boots.

They dance and strike a series of poses, all the while pouring pints of water over each other, and then they add full buckets of water and the dungeon hose to the mix. By the end of the scene they are both utterly drenched from head to toe and with their see-through boots filled with water.

Now that's art!