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Soggy in Dungarees - set gm-2w131

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Soggy in Dungarees

Rosemary and Purity get very wet washing the buckets

Rosemary, in blue polycotton dungarees and wellies, and Purity, in blue denim dungrarees and wellies, have a load of gunge buckets to wash in the dungeon. They know they're going to get wet in the process so before they start, they tip a couple of cups of water down inside each other's overalls, just enough to get them nicely wet down their fronts. And then they break out the hose, and set about washing off the buckets, and completely drenching each other!

While the buckets do get washed, it's quite amazing how often they manage to accidentally hose each other's legs, drop the end of the hose into each other's boots, or indeed somehow manage to get it down the inside of each other's clothes. Taking turns to wash a bucket each, turn and turn about, they rapidly reduce each other to being completely soaked, and continue to play the water over each other as they work.

If you like the idea of watching women getting very wet while they work, this scene is for you!