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Wetting the Dresses - set gm-2w133

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Wetting the Dresses

Rosemary and Purity wet each others dresses in the dungeon

Rosemary, in a 100% cotton, lace-up medieval wench dress, and Purity, in a lovely 1980s-style long blue number, spend a pleasant afternoon in the dungeon pouring water over each other's outfits. They start with pint glasses, but once those are used up, they graduate to pouring full buckets over each other.

The pourings are decided by playing scissors-paper-stone, and with each round the loser sits unresisting and allows her opponent to pour wherever she likes. Laps are filled, water goes down the fronts of their dresses, later on they stand leaning over their chairs and have full buckets poured over their backs, bottoms, and down their legs.

Both girls end up totally drenched from head to foot, their heads and hair doesn't escape the deluge either.

Wet women in dresses. Mmmmm!