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A Hose Down The Jeans - set gm-2w134

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  • gm-2w134-v1 (14 minutes, 18 seconds)

A Hose Down The Jeans

Purity gets a total soaking at Rosemary's hands

Purity is looking rather hot in her high-waist, cropped-leg, blue jeans, pink London 2012 t-shirt, and black basketball boots. And now Rosemary is going to make her look even hotter by shoving the running hosepipe down Purity's jeans while she happily poses as her clothes are soaked!

The hose goes down the back of Purity's jeans first, then the front, then each side, until her jeans are totally drenched and soaking wet. She turns each time so the area being soaked is facing the camera. Next her t-shirt gets the same treatmemt, hose put down inside front and back until she's wearing an entirely wet t-shirt, with the water flooding down over her already soaked jeans.

Finally she spends a little while just letting Rosemary hose her down all over, striking different poses to best show off her wet self as the water pours over her.

Rosemary, wearing a pale blue knee length denim skirt, stays dry in this scene, though needless to say Purity, once changed into a dry outfit, will be getting her own back in a future release.