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Maria Dress Hairwash - set gm-2w139

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  • gm-2w139-v1 (17 minutes, 36 seconds)

Maria Backless Dress Hairwash

MyPieRogative shampoos and washes her hair in the dungeon in a backless black dress

Wearing a gorgeous 'backless' black dress, and shiny black wellies, Maria MyPieRogative treats herself to a very thorough hairwashing in the dungeon. First she fills her boots, commenting on both the warmth and the heaviness of the of the water-filled boots. Then, she carefully and thoroughly soaks her dress, front and back. And then, she wets, shampoos, and washes her beautiful long hair!

In typical Maria style she talks to the camera throughout the scene, making for a wonderfully personal interaction video. As well as shampooing her hair, she also shampoos and lathers up her dress before rinsing it off again.

A wonderfully fun wetlook video, enjoy!