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Medieval River Wench - set gm-2w148

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Medieval River Wench

Felicity takes a dip in her favourite uniform dress

Dressed in her favourite 100% cotton reproduction medieval servants unifiorm dress, with green wellies peeking out from below it, Felicity spends a merry afternoon wading, splashing about, and swimming, in the river below the viaduct. Her dress is floor length but with deep slits up both sides, laces at the sides, and long sleeves with large flounces at the ends, and being cotton, it wets beautifully. Loosely based on what the records show Hall staff as wearing in the middle ages, she has special dispensatoon from Lady Jasmine to wear it while working if she wants to, and she's become quite a talking point at her ladyship's various events as a result.

Felicity gets totally soaked, wades in and out of the water several times, and leaps and splashes about in her usual exuberant style.

Lots of fun, and lots of wetness.