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The Hose Of Trickling II - set gm-2w150

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The Hose Of Trickling II

Lucia and Honeysuckle play our wet tray sitting game

Dressed in blue denim dungarees, white t-shirts, and wellies, Lucia and Honeysuckle play 'The Hose Of Trickling', where they have to sit in deep plastic trays, playing Rock/Paper/Scissors, and every time one beats the other, she gets to move the slow-trickling hose from her tray to her opponent's tray. Each time they do this the person moving the hose has to stand up and turn round so we can see just how wet her bottom has got while the hose was in her tray, so there is lots of wet denim action as the hose flows and the trays slowly fill under the girls as they play.

Eventually once the trays are overflowing they stand up and take turns shoving the hose down each other's outfits, soaking all remaining dry areas, and then they just generally hose each other down too!