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Honeysuckle Dungaree Bathtime - set gm-2w152

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Honeysuckle Dungaree Bathtime

Taking a denim dip in the dungeon

Dressed in denim dungarees over a white t-shirt and pink and black "Wedge Wellies" boots, Honeysuckle takes a bath in the dungeon. First she fills a tray with water and sits in it to wet her bottom. Next, she pours water down inside her overalls, some while sitting down, and then more while standing up to properly flood down and wet her legs. Then she climbs into a full hip bath of warm water and gets totally soaked.

During the scene she soaps up her soaked dungarees and then rinses them clean again, takes her wellies off and pours their contents over herself, and gives herself a thorough hair wash with shampoo.

Wonderful indoor wetlook with a wonderful wet lady.