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Three Girls In The River - set gm-2w172

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Three Girls In The River

Boilersuit river bathtime for Maude, Felicity, and Rosemary!

Three girls in overalls take a full submersion bath and swim in the river by the viaduct. Watch as they wade in, splash about, bob under and then leap up out of the water, soaking wet, and even go for a fully clothed swim!

The outfits: Maude wears a blue boilersuit and purple sparkly wellies, Felicity wears a bright red boilersuit and transparent ankle boots, and Rosemary wears an olive drab military flightsuit, and butch black wellies. All three suits are close-fitting and show the girls' figures nicely, both dry, and wet.

The Action: First, one by one the girls wade waist deep into the river while the other two stay on the bank, each girl walks down towards the camera, wetting herself to the waist, before turning and wading back out, letting us watch as her wet bottom and legs emerge from the water. Once all three have soaked their lower halves they wade back into the water together, with Maude in the lead, and then the other two abruptily push Maude over forwards towards the camera, and she faceplants straight into the water!

Maude emrges soaking wet, and gets her own back on the other two with lots of splashing which soon sees the top halves of their outfits soaked too. After that there is lots of splashing about, some fully clothed swimming, several more instances of wading in and out of the water to show off wet clothes and enjoy the sight of the water level rising up their clothes again, sitting and splashing in the shallows, and towards the end Maude does another voluntary full-body faceplant into the water again.

As a bonus, in the photoset there are also some shots of Rosemary posing by the fence in the blue swimsuit she wears under her flightsuit for the main scene.

Technical: The scene is filmed from the middle of the river, the camera operator was chest deep in the water so all the scenes are close up and personal, no shaky zooming in from the bank in our scenes. There is full original sound throughout.