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Wet Denim Shorts

Chastity plays in the river under the viaduct

Chastity soaks her cut down denim jeans shorts in the river below the viaduct on a hot summer afternoon. First she wades into the water till her wellies flood, then walks back out again and fetches a bucket, which she uses to pour river water over and inside her denum shorts and all over her leotard. Then she plays in the water, repeatedly sitting down and standing up again so we can see her shorts going into and coming out of the water. She also kneels, lies down, and rolls around in the riverbed.

Eventually she steps down into the deeper water and has a little swim, still with her wellies on.

Eventually she returns to the shallower water and stands calmly while multiple buckets of water are thrown over her from off camera, taking quite a few to her front, then turning round and having more thrown over her back and bottom, before turning back to the front for a couple more.

She ends up totally drenched in the water.