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Dungeon Prisoner Bath - set gm-2w96

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Dungeon Prisoner Bath

Warder Evelyne bathes prisoner Chastity

These days a dungeon is a place of pleasure, but it wasn't always so - and here we have Chastity and Evelyne role-playing a darker era, with Evelyne, dressed as a wet prisoner warder, in waterproof trousers, ruberised jacket, and wellington boots, subjects Chastity, wearing a Penn State Psych Ward orange jumpsuit and black wellies, to a fully clothed dungeon bath.

Chastity gets into the bath fully clothed and completely dry, for those who like to see a total transformation from dry to wet. Evelyne plays the running hose over Chastity as she lies in the bath, but then they change places and the warder gets a taste of her own medicine as her own outfit is submerged in the water.

They swap places several times, and play with the hose too, spraying each other down, sticking the running hose down each others' clothes, and liberally soaking each others' heads - including Chastity having her baseball cap drenched to create a waterfall in front of her face.

Both end up utterly drenched from head to foot.