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Running gear vs Nike catsuit - set gm-3m001

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Running gear vs Nike catsuit

Susie and Honeysuckle have fun in the mudbanks

Susie and Honeysuckle have gone out for a run along the edge of the mudbanks on a brillaintly sunny summer's day. Susie is dressed in skin tight black running pants, black trainers, and a black running top with a geometric pattern, while Honeysuckle wears a Nike sports catsuit, sleeveless, with a lightweight running jacket over it, and pink and white Converse basketball boots.

Needless to say having run along the edge of the mudbanks they soon give in to the temptation to actually play in them. First Honeysuckle walks out onto the top of a rather sloppy mudbank, and neatly sits down, standing up again to show off the muddy bottom of her catsuit before sitting again. Then Susie walks in, sits down facing backwards next to Honeysuckle, and slides down into the very sloppy gully on her bottom!

Over the following 20 minutes the girls have a brilliant time, rolling and sliding in the mud and grdually getting muddier and muddier until they are both completely drenched in mud from head to toe.

Mud wallowing in nice sportswear. It's what beautiful summer afternoons were made for!