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Office Mud Race - set gm-3m002

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Office Mud Race

Honeysuckle and Susie crawl-race each other through the mud in officewear

Honeysuckle, dressed in a beautfuly lilac dress and matching jacket, and Susie, in black pencil dress, tights, boots, and smart dark grey jacket, first push each other over into the mud, and then challenge each other to a crawl race across the mudbanks, which not only leaves them both covered in mud, but gradually destroys Honeysuckle's dress, as first the slit tears open and lengthens till it's almost to her waist, and then the whole front of the skirt of the dress starts to rip away.

By the end of the scene they are both totally covered in mud, including Honeysuckle's beautifully thick black hair, and Susie's shaved head.