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Maude's Muddy Minidress! - set gm-3m005

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Maude's Muddy Minidress!

Can you do gymnastics in mud in your Sunday best dress? Maude finds out!

Maude takes to the mudbanks in her lovely red summer mini-dress, white socks, and gold trainers!

Maude likes the mud. She really likes throwing herself into it while wearing really cute outfits you'd never normallyt see someone geting mucky in, and she does a really spectacular job of this lovely red dress.

As well as all the usual sliding about and rolling over in the mud, she also does lots of gymnastic exercises including forward rolls, straight into the sloppiest mud she can find!

Part way through she loses her shoes, and her socks, and plays on with bare feet in the mud. Then at the end she puts her mud-filled socks and shoes back on.

By the end of the scene she is totally drenched in mud from head to toes.

Note: Maude has braces on her teeth in this scene.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.