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Mud Dress and Boots

Honeysuckle plays in the mud in her go-go boots

Honeysuckle is dressed for a party - a mud party! She wears a black party dress which has a lether-look top half and mesh skirt, over a pair of black skin-tight leather-look leggings, and her bright yellow go-go boots. She walks boldly into the mud, boots sinking as she goes, and finds a large wooden pole that someone has set up at the end of one of the gullies on the mudbanks. She tried to pole dance round it but it's not that firmly anchored and deposits her, on her bottom, in the mud.

She then proceeds to get spectacularly muddy, including some awesome slides down the side of the gully in to the muddy river water at the bottom. By the end of the scen she is utterly drenched in mud from head to toe, and she then makes an attempt to wash off in the river water at the end.