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Shiny Shorts Mud Bath - set gm-3m020

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Shiny Shorts Mud Bath

Maude takes a musbath in her sports kit

Dressed in shiny nylon blue sports shorts, white t-shirt, long white sports socks, and trainers, Maude takes a spectacular mudbath on the riverbank. She first poses at the top of a gully to show off her pristine outfit, and then spends a happy half hour slding up and down the gully bank on her bottom, splashing down into the pool of liquid mud and getting muddier with every slide, once she's well covered she rolls and frolics in the mud pool, getting totally coated including her famous trademark face submersion, and really shampoos it into her hair too.

At the end of the scene as an added bonus she slides down to the waters edge and takes a very muddy bath in the river, partially cleaning the worst of it off her shorts and skin, before clambering back up the muddy bank to the grass at the top.