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Mud Dress Blue - set gm-3m027

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Mud Dress Blue

Honeysuckle introduces Lady Jennifer to the mudbanks

Honeysuckle, in her black Goth lolita dress and black Hunter wellies, introduces Lady Jennifer, in a beautiful blue ballgown and blue Hunter wellies, to the joys of the Marsh House mudbanks! But first, Lady Jennifer's dress, with it's multiple layers of petticoats, is clearly not suitable for mudbathing, it will become far too heavy - so before they enter the mud, Honeysuckle produces a handy pair of scissors, and in a few moments she has sliced into the petticoats and cut them completely out of the dress, with lots of lovely tearing noises as the fabric is brutally sliced through. We are also treated to a nice view of Lady Jennifer's matching dark blue underwear as the petticoats are cut away while she holds the outer layer of the dress up.

And then, with her ladyship's dress still looking gorgeous, just devoid of the inner layers, they take to the mud! They take their wellies off quite early, and from then on they play barefoot in theor dresses, sliding, rolling, splashing about, and dipping in and out of the water at the bottom of the mudbanks as they slide up and down them.

By the end of the scene both girls are totally drenched in mud from head to toe, they give each other very thorough mud shampoos, Honeysuckle's dark hair, and Lady Jennifer's bright blue hair, vanishing under a thick coating of mud.

At the end of the scene they both enter the river together, still fully dressed, and wash themsevles off together, before clambering back up the mudbank to the dry land at the top.