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Waterproof Boilersuit Mudbath - set gm-2m36

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  • gm-2m36-evelyne (12 minutes, 49 seconds)

Waterproof Boilersuit Mudbath

Evelyne the cook takes to the mudbanks in a waterproof hazard suit and wellies

Dressed for pleasure in a dark blue hazard protection waterproof boilersuit, plus wellies, Evelyne the cook takes to the mudbanks for her first ever fully clothed mudbath experience! Though Evelyne has done mud photography and videography for other mud players in the past, this was her first time taking a full wallow mud bath purely for pleasure, and though she did get very stuck in places she loved every minute of it!

Lots of fun and a very enthusiastic mud wallow, Evelyne ends up completely covered in mud from head to toe, including fully mud shampooed hair, plus 'war paint' face smearing.