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Festival Mud Party - set gm-2m53

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Festival Mud Party

Felicity and Maria enjoy the midsummer mudbanks!

Felicity takes to the mudbanks on a blazing hot summer's day, dressed in cute blue denim playsuit and gladiator sandals. The sandals prove to be utterly useless in the actual mud and get removed after a couple of steps, after which she spends the rest of the scene barefoot. Felicity has a wonderful time getting totally coated in mud, she sits in it, slathers it all over herself, plays with her muddy toes, and gives herself a full mud shampoo.

Then Maria enters the mudbanks, and decides to just dip her boots in it. Needless to say that plan is soon foiled as Felicity pushes her over full length in the mud, and then as Maria tries to get back up, pushes her over again, backwards. Much hilarity ensues, and the two girls have a great time getting utterly drenched in mud.

Maria wears a shiny, sleeveless, hooded swimsuit, over which she has a pair of shiny black disco shorts, bare legs, and clear wellies. When she's pushed over, she comes right out of her boots which remain trapped in the mud just behind her! So she too does most of the scene barefoot.

To be continued...