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Two-Girl Evening Mudplay - set gm-2m70

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Two-Girl Evening Mudplay

Felicity and Rosemary spend a happy evening on the mudbanks

Rosemary and Felicity take to the mudbanks for some rather sweet two-girl mud-play in the evening sunlight. Both dressed in military overalls, cammo pattern for Felicity and army drab for Rosemary, which they've teamed with some chunky boots and socks, they take to the mud together and spend a happy time throwing themselved into it together and covering each other completely. A fair bit of playful, gentle togetherness as they get utterly coated in mud, deliberately falling together into the sloppiest areas, rolling and slithering around.

Their hair gets the full treatment too, Felicity's platinum blond locks and Rosemary's shorter thatch.

Two very up for it girls and a whole lot of muddy fun!