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Soaked in a Denim Skirt - set gm-2w135

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Soaked in a Denim Skirt

Rosemary hosed down in her denim skirt

Regular viewers may remember when Purity, in cropped jeans, was hosed down by Rosemary, in a pale denim skirt, who stayed completely dry while Purity got completely drenched. Needless to say Rosemary couldn't be allowed to remain dry after that, so having changed into a rather fetching barmaid's outfit of denim shorts, dark blue tights, blue wellies, and a purple t-shirt, Purity now gets her own back and gets to totally drench an unresisting Rosemary.

Rosemary wears green wellies over bare feet, and a pale pink t-shirt, along with her pale denim skirt. She gets totally drenched, skirt first then top, then hair and head too. Part way through her wellies come off and are used to pour more water over her, so she ends up barefoot.

Let the wetting commence!