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Dirty Jeans Wet Punishment - set gm-2w151

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Dirty Jeans Wet Punishment

Honeysuckle teaches Lucia a lesson

Oh dear. Lucia was supposed to take part in a gunging with her ladyship but when she arrived, it turned out she'd somehow managed to get some black gunge on the back of her jeans already - and as everyone knows, all participants must be spotlessly clean before the messing commences. Oops.

So a wet punishment has been decreed, to be applied by Honeysuckle. Who, as she's off to a ball afterwards, is wearing a gorgeous gown which under no circumstances is to get even a little bit wet.

You can probably imagine what happened next.

Lucia wears traditional high waist blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and black wellies, while Honeysuckle wears a gorgeous long deep-cleavage burgundy floor-length ball-gown, with knee-high black patent leather boots.

Rather a lot of water is involved in this scene, from the hose, from buckets, and from filled boots too.