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Wet Skirt Uniform

Susie soaks her skirt and shirt

Dressed in a very smart plain dark blue knee-length skirt, blue and white check shirt, and black knee-high suede leather boots, Susie goes for a refreshing dip in one of the estate's upland streams. First she slides down a grass bank into the water, which immediately floods her boots, then she wades deeper until the bottom hem of her skirt is underwater, before lowering her bottom gently into the water to soak her skirt almost completely.

Next she soaks herself completely, wetting her shirt and lying down in the water. Then, while totally drenched, she goes exploring the stream, splashing through the shallows while her drenched clothes drip and glisten as she moves.

Having finished exploring she returns to the initial location and gets back into the water for further wettings of her already soaked outfit, before eventually delaring herself refreshed, and wading back up onto the bank.

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