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The Majestic River Flap Flap - set gm-2w168

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The Majestic River Flap Flap

Butterfly hunting with Felicity and Maude

High Summer has come to Langtstonedale, and reports have reached the Hall that one of the rarest and most magical creatures of the estate, the legendary Magestic River Flap Flap, last seen in the mid-Victorian age, has been spotted by the old stone bridge! So Felicity, in her best dark blue formal river dress, sets out to investigate. The problem being that the Flap Flap is completely invisible to human eyes unless you're looking directly at her, and even harder to see if you're wearing sunglasses.

And doesn't the Flap Flap in question look remarkably like our Maude? :)

Lots of splashing and wetlook fun as Maude, in purple spandex catsuit with buterfly wing cloak, and Felicity in dark blue formal gown, take to the water.