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Fancy Dress Wetting No1 - set gm-2w175

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Fancy Dress Wetting No1

Purity and Honeysuckle wet each other down

Purity, in a lovely long summer dress in two tone blue with white details, and Honeysuckle, in a red, short sleeve, knee length fashion dress, are seeking some respite from the heat of one of her ladyship's high summer gardemn parties, and so they've slipped down to the refreshing coolness of the dungeons beneath the Hall. Where there just happens to be a large rub of water and a running hosepipe. What happens next will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with what our people like to get up to, and soon both Purity's lovely floaty dress, and Honeysuckle's beautiful red one, are dripping wet as they pour lots of water all over each other, including filling their dresses, and eventually sitting in the water tub too.

Two lovely girls, lots of wetness, lots of fun.